Welcome to our farm site!

Calf is here, and more on the way!


Mayo calved Millie! 3/27. 9 a.m.

Spring is coming slow.  Grass is ready to grow, but is waiting just a little longer.



What we are:

We are a homestead and small business located in Madison County, NC.

We offer raw milk to the Marshall, Barnardsville, and Asheville area.  April 16th is our first day of delivery for 2014.

 For more information about our raw and grass fed cow’s milk, please email us at homemadeinmarshall@gmail.com


 Meet our grass-fed Jersey herd(Summer 2013)


Our three milkers in 2013 included Mayo, Willa, and Marion. Our 4th cow pictured is Billy, our steer.

Homemade In Marshall is a small farm- the home of jersey cows and a flock of heritage chickens.  As a farm, we have the goal to continually cultivate the land for the health of our animals, trees, grass, and crops.  Importantly, it is also a place of refuge- land to rest upon, as well as an environment to explore and to adventure, to learn and to create.  We love our land.  We want it to be fruitful and beautiful, for us, and future generations.  It is a farm, a mentality, and a lifestyle.


Kate and Kevin Lane.